NOBODY has anything remotely as cool as Joe’s.

NOBODY has anything remotely as cool as Joe’s.

Review : Italian Stallion: Fake Hero at FRINGE 2019 


What is art? Prostitution.  Charles Baudelaire… by all means ….my narrative is not a comedy however sometime is funny …..


Joe Palermo has never conformed to the norm, has always done things his own way, & has an incredible determination to succeed. Thus, finding himself unable to place his show at the Fringe, he simply got himself a room at the CAMDEN FRINGE 2017 & put his show on there instead… his memoirs must simple be heard. So I heard them & enjoyed them immensely. His plan is to go back through time from the present day, using set piece memories to tell the story of his 47 years on Earth. Joe has lived, really lived – a young athlete ,radio speaker, an artist , a film director in Rome, a theatre director in Paris, a model in Milan, he has always been somewhere at the forefront of fantasy performance. Just right now, he’s a storyteller, & luckily he’s a really well-grounded, down-to-earth geezer, & to spend an hour with him as he tells his tales is well worth the ride.

Palermo is a more than frank speaker when it comes to his sexual escapades, & some of the situations he has found himself in over the years are stuff which only real life can provide. For me, the most evocative parts of his tale are those reminiscences concerning his teenage years in Rome – when he was being educated in the tenets of street playing, of picking up pretty tourists & getting laid. To Joe & co. it was a highly competitive sport-art form, the mastery of which set him up for his fascinating life’s journey. adventures has always been a part of his life – especially a couple of girlfriends ago when his youngest lady would check out what he did……to see if he had been ‘playing’ away. This, & all his other anecdotes, are told with a rare & easy verve, & among all the stories told at this year Fringe… NOBODY has anything remotely as cool as Joe’s. 

Reviewer : Damian Beeson Bullen

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NB: a lot of so call intellectuals  complain the spelling of “Mémoires of an Italian Stallion” is wrong sorry dears is not 😛 as you probably did not read my blog and links and all informations , the word MEMOIRES it was a book of  ‘Guy Debord’  a director a marxist and an artist…an EUROPEAN !



“Italian Stallion Fake Hero ”

“Italian Stallion Fake Hero ”


Review“Italian Stallion Fake Hero ”


a short review from John Fleming :

In the meantime, people are preparing potential Edinburgh Fringe shows for next year.
One of the most interesting could be Joe Palermo’s
”Mémoirs of an Italian Stallion.”
I saw an initial try-out tonight which took around 70 minutes and did not get even halfway through the story, which involves his somewhat colorful life.
From what I heard tonight and during a post-show chat at the Grouchy Club, I reckon his story might take about four hours or longer to tell – if heavily edited.
It will be interesting to see how this fits into a 55-minute Edinburgh Fringe slot. The briefest of headings would include:
him as a child in Italy (watching porn on TV in the back garden)
attempts to be a Roman teenage gigolo
crime and the drug trade
modelling and becoming a male stripper




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porn movie experiences
encounters with ‘proper’ movie people including stories of Cinecittà, famous actors and spaghetti western people
Joe says: “The show at this stage is mainly for a male audience, however open minded women or girls are welcome.”

I told him I thought Edinburgh audiences might crucify him atop Arthur’s Seat for sexism.

But, if his Mémoires of an Italian Stallion show does make the Edinburgh Fringe in 2016, it will surely be an interesting ride.

contact :




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About Joe Palermo

The apparent collage of works that Joe Palermo shows is well defined style not only in the work itself, but in the cut of its works that are photos or digital paintings
There is always a light motive which shows the originality of his point of view.

The story teller explains with words a story that Joe Palermo does with pictures. which ranges from something factual to fantasy the status of a society

The solidity of his images is the fruit of his experiences in his life. This is rich and different then that of any other human being.

This ‘collage’ of experiences has also a strong personality and identity in his out standing work, which has nothing to do with education or a formal academic doctrine.

The originality of his digital work or photos reflects the complexity of an art
too often confused with classism of an art society iced up in rules and obsolete conventions.

The language he uses is common but also implicit of the event which torments
his young and intensive life, where even death is part of his life and knowledge.

If we want classify Joe Palermo the instinct it is primary art.

Mario Bologna 30/12/1998

Veni, Vidi, Vici


Joe Palermo was born in Rome in 1971 into a traditional working class family, with his parents working in their market stalls business.

During his teenage years he loved playing piano, was always an active member of the students union and he excelled in all kinds of sports. Particular
His early retirement due to a muscular injury, caused him a profound personal crisis. During this difficult time with no one to turn to for help or advice he had a brief spell into criminal life.* as one aspiring  gang member in what it was the worse experiences of his life.

But his encounter with pop artists such as ”Tano Festa”, Mario Schifano and Uta, was a turning point and probably save his life from crime or worse. It was during this time that he started being interested in visual art, media and cinema.
The early 90s became were a very busy and artistically productive period for him. Thanks to his athletic background he first qualified as a Stuntman with the O.A.C of R.Alessandri. He then studied drama and mime at De Paolis Institute in Rome.
He then went on to work as a radio speaker for one of the most important radio station at the time Tir-radio.
During those years he collected a range of different experiences ranging from few caracther roles toa a stirpper
Becaming famous under the name of mister Habana with a historical interview by Raul Passeretti.
His most important artistic experience 1995 he founded and co-directed the Italian magazine Imaging ( ) where he also worked as a photographer.

His knowledge of the fashion and film industry brought him to direct and produce a short film (Mercanti di sogni/Dreams dealers) about the underworld of film-fashion agencies. Despite receiving initial negative reviews at few film festivals, it then became appreciated after few years as a picture of the scam that hundreds of agencies do on young hopeful artists and became regularly shown on different Italian TV networks.
The end of the 90s marked another phase of personal and artistic crisis for Joe Palermo unable to find either artistic or ordinary work, he decided to move to London in 1999.
The beginnings were hard for Joe, and he struggled to find a decent job. He found a job as a cleaner but soon other difficulties enter in his life as depression due to poverty and not real help by anybody as often happening to people go in a new country without help he ended on the streets of London and life was not political correct as many people try to said,  he actually was helped to survive by ‘ordinary homeless‘ who later die by the name John.
Despite this difficulties Joe enrolled in a course in Video TV digital photo production at the City of Westminster College where he obtained a diploma in 2001 but he did only to get into the film industry in UK but in reality the film industry in UK it is full of ego intellectual and useless producers waiting for some USA or foreign producers to invest in a cinema sector which is basically SHIT! naturally there are talented directors and actors but has happened in Italy and now slowly in France the good* never will be through as a ”filter” of  so call professionals are the one in reality killed the industry for their own ego and interest($£). Although still unable to find a job in the media production, Joe kept on working and experimenting in different forms of photography and digital art.
His work started soon to be noticed and so his first personal exhibition at Gallery 9 in the famous Via Margutta in the epicenter of what used to be the ‘nouvelle vogue’ of the Italian modern art!
Then came few other personal exhibitions in Rome and other collective in Milan and Paris. In 2004 he was selected as official photographer for Wandsworth in View 04 and exhibited in several gallery .
he won few award as best parody video in 2011 at VOMERO FILM FESTIVAL and the band were he singed for few songs got TOP 1! in the indie music video chart for 3 weeks with the video and song he directed and co- written and sing.

Maybe he needs to start playing dirty – like Joe Palermo once did. Joe, a bulky, stubbly Italian, used to be an anti-fascist spy – or so he says. He recalls infiltrating far right circles when he was a young Communist in Italy because he and his comrades needed to know if they were going to be attacked on marches.

“My family were quite right-wing, so it was easy for me to pretend to be a fascist,” says the 47-year-old. “So I joined undercover. But my disguise was blown when they saw me on a march carrying a red Communist flag.”

He was attacked, he says. Was he hurt? “No! I beat them up big time.” He demonstrates a spy-like defence move which involves sharply twisting an assailant’s wrist. “You don’t need to be strong, you know what I mean? I wouldn’t be able to do that now. But back then I was an Italian 4×100 metres champion.”

He hands over his card. “Joe Palermo”, it says, “Co-ordinator of the Italian communist party in Great Britain”.